An Exploration of Garsington Village

Local sites and local sights

So what is there around Garsington and its immediate neighbourhood?

Cowley No. 1 Gasholder

Sitting in the middle of the view from Garsington as you travel down the Oxford Road is the magnificent Cowley No. 1 Gasholder. Although some regard it as an eye-sore, I think it is a marvellous piece of engineering.

Cowley No. 1 Gasholder

So what is this engineering marvel?

There are not many of these beasts left these days. However, there are examples to be seen, relatively locally, in both Didcot and Aylesbury.

All details kindly supplied by National Grid Transco plc.

Crop Circles

The phenomenon of crop circles seems to have caught the public imagination in the last twenty years or so despite it being the out-of-hours pursuit of pranksters! However, Garsington gets into the news with them...

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