An Exploration of Garsington Village

News and recent events from Garsington

15 November 2006

At last, after yet more delay, the new site is ready and working...

11 September 2006

After an enormous length of time I am finally able to some more work on this site...

November 2004

A major re-vamp of the appearance of the website. A couple of new sections added.

14 June 2004

A few minor spelling corrections have proved necessary - quite shocking this! Thanks go to RWF for pointing this out.

04 June 2004

The tweaks continue, including a change of colour scheme. The site now uses a slight variation on one of the standard W3C Core Styles (achieved by using the standard stylesheet and over-riding selected features only). See here for further details.

05 May 2004

A few more tweaks.

I have added some metadata details to all pages using Dublin Core elements. For details of these elements see the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative website.

22 April 2004


15 April 2004

Just fiddling with the colours to try and obtain a pleasing effect... Still no real content...

14 February 2004

This site went "live" today...

This is starting the sloooow process of building what we hope will be a comprehensive history of Garsington and its inhabitants.

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